Quick View of Absolute Consultation Service:

Under Absolute Consultation Service (ACS) we provide an end to end Consultation to the body registered with/under us. Further we provide E-consultation, various Resource Sharing Methodologies due to which a particular resource cost is less, assistance in fetching resources/services. We also work towards stabling chemistry and establish an effective communication channel within as well as outside our network to provide better solutions. We also provide continuous upgrades and consistently help manage the change.

The process is as follows:-

  • 1.Body Registration:

    The process of registering a body (new/existing) with us is very simple and sleek .Once a body is registered with us they can avail the services/talent of our experts at nominal costs.

    Our unique “Result oriented payment system” allows the said body to first see the result of services/consultation provided and then make the payment we also call this system as “post-paid service system”.

    We with our unique integration system can seamlessly integrate the body or its product/services with its complimentary product/services in such a way that these integrated product/services can be the most sought after by consumers. We at the time of registration develop a strong base with the people associated with the body and verify and evaluate the complete system of body, so that the expectation and needs of the said body can be determined and a collective vision can be created. After which we work together to formulate the strategies for the said body.

  • 2.Analysis phase:

    In this phase we analyze the requirement of the body be it resources/customization. In this phase we completely study the body and develop methods which can improve the productivity, output and profit, we also analyze the services required by the body and how to make these services available at the lowest cost. We also provide various payment flexibility options and help the body to choose the most appropriate one for them. We also analyze the current working strategies and determine how the said body can attain a state of continuous growth and expand the scope of operation. This in turns improves profit in turn improving the stability of the body. By all the above steps we are taking the body towards a new, stable and better position also expanding the further scope.

  • 3.Strategic Planning:

    After the Analysis phase, we the representative of Busy Age and those from the said body sit across the table to finalize a plan of action i.e. we lay out a Strategic planning for the body.

    This is a very flexible, effective and efficient process. In this strategic plan a lot of innovation is put in, we plan to reduce the implementation cost, improve services as well as the final output. We finalize a plan to improve business processes, we deliver supplementary requirements, and we also finalize a plan for further technology updates/changes.

    We also take care of multiple issues by solving or handling them so that final results can be achieved hazel free.

    The complete strategic planning in turn is to increase the business of the said body.

  • 4.Implementation:

    This is the phase in which we put into practice all that what was discussed and decided up on in analysis and strategic planning phase. This is the phase where we achieve various benchmarks and get results and impletions put in by us. After the implementation is a success we continuously keep on upgrading the resources, practice, business and business processes. We then start providing absolute assistance to the body and assist them to achieve the ultimate goal. Fee Structure:

    The fee for ACS is decided depending upon the turnover of the Organization. Initially only 1% of the fee is applicable at the time of registration rest 99% is considered as Result Oriented Unsecure Loan (ROUL).

    A 4% quarterly interest is applicable on ROUL Amount.
    Any Assistance (a process/Resource/Service) accepted by the organization during the first 10 years’ time is charged 10% extra against the amount in ROUL. The total amount recovered during these first 10 years will be considered as our final fee, even if the final amount is less than the original ROUL amount.