BCS as the Face of VMShashwat Group of Companies

      BusyAge Consultancy Services (BCS) is a service provider organization which offers major services Consultation, Assistance, & process outsourcing; in key areas IT & Software, Marketing & Management, Banking & Finance, Engineering & Expert services, and Professional services & R&D. BusyAge Consultancy Services is the face of VMShashwat group of companies which offer multitude of services to wide range of businesses.  We coordinate & cooperate with our other organizations to serve optimized, effective & efficient services. BusyAge Consultancy Service is a like a common gateway for our every company as well as business partners to Integrate services, Improve services and Provide services for the better market scope.

In IT & Software we are continuously implementing and improving services in areas like Software Development, Development Assistance, Software Extension and Integration, Software and Service R&D and many more.

In Engineering & Expert Services, we are implementing the trained manpower to production industries like power, steel, automation, manufacturing and many more. We will also provide expert guidance and counseling to these industries.

In Professional Services we are connecting Registered Professionals and Consultants like Charted Accountants, Company Secretory, Lawyers and other professionals to offer enhanced and optimized services to various industries and companies under one roof.

Management & Marketing services are the intermediate services, through these services we are at the verge of implementing a support structure for industries and organizations to reach out to their target audience effectively and efficiently; we aim to provide absolute support to industries and organizations, so that they can manage and achieve their day-to-day and ultimate goals successfully.

Under Banking & Finance service we aim to launch new financial instruments in banking, finance and insurance domain apart from other regular/ordinary services. Banking domain will be specifically supported with the trust which is supported by the various units in VMShashwat Group of Companies, and hence the trust in turn supports various Organizations & Industries with the most crucial resource which is the back-bone of every industry i.e. finance.

The above said services are under incubation inside BCS. Once the services are matured enough they will be incorporated as separate organizations with their field specific focus but with an integrated goal. Like IT & Software Services will be incorporated into EAT (Earth Aspire Technologies), Marketing & Management will be incorporated into BES (BusyAge Entrepreneur Solutions), Engineering & Expert Services will be incorporated into I3 Services, Professional Services will remain an integral part of BCS (BusyAge Consultancy Services), Banking & Finance will be incorporated into COIGC (Come-On India Go Corporate) and a COIGC trust which is supported by all the above units, this body supports and governs funds flow of all the budding enterprises in respective units.

These five companies along with the COIGC Trust together form the VMShashwat Group of Companies. These five companies create a support structure in their respective domains, so that the companies or industries in these domains may be benefitted from this structure.

VMShashwat holds the ultimate control over the companies and is determined to provide various advanced and integrated services in different sectors. The services provided by VMShashwat belong to multiple domains and hence are used by various companies, are born by the integration of services from core companies. Many of the rights and services which belong to VMShashwat are handled by BCS before the formation of VMShashwat.

Our target audiences are the companies who work in these domains or are dependent on these domains for their proper functioning. We provide services in various domains such as resource/ product/ service/ solution/ platform which help to reduce process cost, upgrade cost, and get proper worth for their innovation, expertise and efforts. Our clients are our business value because the services provided by us improve and upgrade their company. We believe in continuous upgrade and betterment in our services so that our clients could get optimized service, precise resource and absolute support to achieve their business goal.

And that's why we say

"We Innovate and Implement to Achieve Common Goals".

"We provide a highly evolved and mature understanding of Business Consultation, with a platform oriented approach aimed at empowering businesses with agile decision-making solutions & support system, converting us into one of the ‘most trusted support system provider or business partner’ to innovate, plan, develop, implement & support your Business Intelligence, business strategy implementation, business expansion and ultimately helps you to achieve your business goal. "