Engineering Services

      We have the breadth of potential and the depth of expertise to transform our clients’ visions into reality, which is sustainable in every sense, be it commercially, technically, socially and environmentally. We have expertise to handle various engineering domains in various sections, which is integrated with the core IT practice, valuable consultation, best possible assistance and absolute support system. We assist our clients to turn today’s biggest challenges into their greatest opportunities. We offer best of our expertise dedication & determination to deliver innovation & implementation, which fulfills the requirement. We connect wide range of global expertise together in strong relationships by providing a global platform which brings diverse people together, united by a shared passion to bring innovations to be proud of.
      We serve therequirements fulfilled, growth operation technologies update and absolute satisfaction, to the wide range of industries. We mainly deal with all the core sectors and support them in operation.

Our Major Sector is Energy

  • Our Services

    We provide design & Engineering and management consultation globally across different verticals of Dry Utility Services, Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Generation (solar, hydro, thermal, wind, etc), Renewable Energy, large-scale Power System studies and Electrical Infrastructure. The company has the necessary resources, experience and knowledge levels to deliver high-quality Advisory, Engineering and Project Management services in above verticals. By applying our multidisciplinary engineering expert knowledge and approach, we offer integrated project teams to both local and global clients. We have to save our clients time and money by providing precise assistance, being a positive liaison with the dry utility companies and proactively managing the coordination process.

  • Infrastructure Advisory Services

    Our Group consists of highly motivated professionals with relevant experience in Infrastructure projects in power and renewable energy sectors, Procurement and Costing for power generation, transmission, distribution projects, Support for Regulatory and Commercial matters, Project financing and Structuring. We provide concept-to-commissioning consulting services across power and energy projects. These include strategic planning, feasibility studies, business planning, feasibility studies, procurement strategy and capacity building, Basic & Detailed Engineering Services financial advisory. We conduct prospect evaluation for preliminary feasibility studies, financial viability studies and Resource requirement planning for project developers of Power Generation Projects like Solar, hydro, wind, thermal, Power T&D projects, Private distribution projects and Energy efficiency projects. We effectively prepare Detail feasibility & project report for project developers and investors in the areas of renewable energy, Solar Power, hydro power, power generation, transmission & distribution. Our Advisory team has professionals who can provide clear and up-to-date recommendations for regulatory, legal and commercial issues related to open-access, power purchase agreement, transmission service agreements etc for merchant power producers and private distribution companies. Our Advisory team can help investors in the process of valuation of power assets, technical due diligence and negotiations. With our vast network from the Advisory and Engineering businesses, We are able to connect investors with exciting new opportunities in the areas of renewable energy projects, energy efficiency product, manufacturing and power T&D.

  • Design & Engineering Services

    Leading global provider of complete Design and Engineering services in the areas of Switch yards structures, Power Transmission, Power Distribution, Industrial Infrastructure and small Solar-hydro projects, Design Calculations, Concept Plan, Substation Layouts, Detailed Electrical & Civil Design, Construction Drawings etc. Our engineering team has the capability to allocate quality services through owner's engineers, contractor's engineers and lender's engineers for a variety of power projects which require hardcore design and engineering capabilities.

    Pre-Construction stage:

    • We formulate of technical & design briefs as per National/International standards.
    • We provide assistance in preparation of design criteria based on design brief and recommended design practices.
    • We Prepare of SLDs, Cabling diagrams, cabling routes, interconnection diagrams, layouts etc.
    • We assist in collection and compilation of design data, such as, climatic data, soil and hydrological data, access to power, site characteristics analysis, etc.
    • We provide preliminary design, Design co-ordination & Management of design interface with consultants through in-house engineering expertise

    Procurement of Works:

    • We Assist in Package finalization, Setting criteria for Pre-qualification.
    • We procure Floating of PQ document, Initial screening of executing agencies, Evaluation.
    • We Evaluate of Bill of Quantities, Preparation of tender documents.
    • We oversee Tender award, Ensure compliance with respect to deliverables for insurances, bonds, schedules etc.

    Construction stage:

    • We do Design Co-ordination
    • We Prepare procurement schedule for each package
    • We Establish Works Breakdown Structure
    • We Synchronize construction interface among activities
    • We Prepare Detailed Construction Schedule with Base line along-with Resource allocation
    • We Evaluate Project Progress and Optimize & level resources
    • And of course Quality assurance

    Post-Construction stage:

    • We provide Client / Consultant / PMC interfacing
    • We Assist in Commissioning of Equipment, Supervision of Project.
    • As-built Drawings Preparation.
    • We Establish Works Breakdown Structure
    • We Assist in establishing Facility Management Services
  • Mobile Application Development

    With every hand using smart phone and its extensive features, the need for mobile presence is so well known. With the technological development in the mobile market, the necessity of the mobile apps is on boom. The market is competitive and to create a competitive edge above the rest, you need experts. Smartphone market is growing on a fast pace and many of us have unknowingly become a part of it. We are in mobile application development to quench the quest for innovative mobile solutions. Businesses are running behind the development of the mobile apps like android development to spread out there popularity among people. Our skilled developers provide remarkable, customized services, establishing your company’s brand in the global market place. We tirelessly work towards boosting your company’s growth, brand image and building a long term relationship with you.
    To cater above services, we deliver solutions in:

    • Wireless Application Development
    • Android Application Development
    • Windows Mobile Development
    • Symbian Application Development
    • IPad Application Development
    • Blackberry/RIM/IPhone Application Development

    Harnessing the power that our experience brings we understand that building a productive mobile environment requires a skill base of both mainstream application development as well as the more unique handheld device application development. We assure these skills and leads towards the new mobile environment.
    Our Analysts continuously develop new strategies and advanced approaches. By understanding the uniqueness of your business, we follow the well tested approach, which will suit your requirements.
    Advanced platforms such as Blackberry and iPhone enable the creation of secure enterprise and high performance applications. Android platform allows creation of the apps using the best 3D graphics and utilities. We also build custom, energetic applications at really affordable prices.
    Our best practices includes Cross-platform business application development, Gaming and Multimedia app development, Location-Based Services (LBS), Presence & Social Networking, Mobile Advertisement & Ad Engines, Porting mobile applications between platforms and devices, Data Sync solutions, Backup and Restore applications in mobile, Mobile VoIP, SMS gateways and SMS portals, and many more.
    We deliver innovative wireless application development at low cost to boost your productivity and generate greater revenues.

Our Major Services