IT Services

Our IT division specializes in Microsoft and JAVA technologies, in addition to QA, Script and DESIGN personnel. We can allocate software engineers, team managers, QA personnel and graphic designers qualified in various fields from within our ranks, assisting you in reaching your targets and goals through the building of winning team overseas. BusyAge has the ability to put any work frame at your disposal, from a single programmer to a team of several dozens of contributors, all within a short time with efficient and quick allocation processes.
BusyAge trains its people to work above professional standards for development, provides management tools for projects, development methodologies and work environments, so projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Ecommerce Solutions

    With the significant growth of internet, E-commerce website development has gained a major position across the globe. We at BusyAge, provide an array of affordable high end E commerce solutions granting a prospect to run your business online. The Ecommerce websites offer the facility to buy/sell and make transactions online thereby saving your time and effort. Starting an online business opens up a new marketplace and lowers the risk initiating a new business. Our expert team will provide you with professionally appearing websites to extract more opportunities out of your business. Reach your potential customers with the convenient Ecommerce solutions.

    Payment gateway integration

    An e-commerce site would be incomplete until a reliable payment gateway facility is provided for processing of various monetary transections online. Todays’ customer while shopping online looks for a hassle free payment options.
    We offer protected transactions over vast payment gateways by securely encrypting the data. It ensures reliability for the visitors of your e commerce website, who get an option to select the right payment gateway.

  • E-commerce Support

    E-commerce or online shopping has become the preferred choice of the consumers because of its convenience and ease; the sellers are also adopting it because it reduces their operation costs upto a large extent.
    BusyAge specializes in e-Commerce section with its enormous potential in outsourcing web processes, solutions & products. BusyAge aims at providing the best e-Commerce solutions, Content preparation and validation, 24/7 Web store updates, Image and media preparation, Web research and data collection catering the client′s need thus reducing the maintenance budget of e-Commerce. Our people are highly skilled professionals with excellent knowledge of Content preparation and validation and catalog management guaranteeing high productivity.
    The web is an amazing tool that removes any local limitations, allowing you to sell to a worldwide audience. Bellows are just some of the great features we provide with E-Commerce site:

    • Intuitive Content Management System
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited information Pages
    • Unlimited Category, Sub-category, Manufacturers
    • Automatic product image resizing
    • Modular System
    • Related, Featured, Cross-sell products
    • Multiple Tax deduction
    • Discount voucher
    • Product reviews, ratings
    • User Management
    • Sales report
    • Backup & Restore tools
    • Best sellers
    • Special offer, Offer of the week etc.
    • Multi-Currency, Multi-Language etc.
    • Search Engine Optimization And many more!
  • Quality Assurance and Technical Writing

    The IT world includes many positions that require executing a vast number of delicate and precise tasks over many work hours. However, the availability of manpower for these tasks in the west is low, and the desertion rate is high, creating problems and setbacks for process developers in western IT companies.
    BusyAge provides an immediate solution by providing highly qualified testing and analysis teams, with high availability and uncompromising accountability to the client, benchmarked by our standards.

    Our Testing and Quality Assurance Services

    We work to reduce the risk of software defects causing system outages that could affect your business, turn to our integrated Services. We can optimize your quality management processes, accelerate your testing activities, and improve the quality of the applications delivered to your business.

    Prevention to eliminate waste

    Applications are the heartbeat of today′s business operations, and application failures from software defects present a major business risk. A large percentage of these defects are caused by misunderstood requirements between the developer and business user in the early stages of the application′s lifecycle. Our Testing and Quality Assurance Services help bridge this gap with requirements validation that detects errors early in the process, resulting in fewer defects, higher quality, less rework, and lower cost. Most importantly, it reduces the risk that software defects will cause a major system outage.

    Avoid costly consequences & minimize the Business risk

    We delivers quality management and testing services to eliminate waste in the systems engineering process, and reduce the risk of system outages from software failures. Comprehensive application lifecycle consulting, business impact analysis, and a full quality management process provide end-to-end capabilities to ensure your systems achieve the functionality, reliability, availability, performance, security, and quality that is required to protect your business.
    With BusyAge services and software, you can improve the quality, performance, security, and reliability of our systems, mitigating the risk of critical system outages caused by software defects.

    • Establish more effective communications between business users and IT.
    • Avoid defects resulting from ambiguous and incomplete requirements.
    • Reduce application rework with early defect detection.
    • Reduce the cost of testing by establishing a testing center of excellence and applying test automation.
    • Increase software quality and reduce the risk of critical outages.
    • Improve applications quality and your return on investment for applications.
  • Mobile Application Development

    With every hand using smart phone and its extensive features, the need for mobile presence is so well known. With the technological development in the mobile market, the necessity of the mobile apps is on boom. The market is competitive and to create a competitive edge above the rest, you need experts. Smartphone market is growing on a fast pace and many of us have unknowingly become a part of it. We are in mobile application development to quench the quest for innovative mobile solutions. Businesses are running behind the development of the mobile apps like android development to spread out there popularity among people. Our skilled developers provide remarkable, customized services, establishing your company’s brand in the global market place. We tirelessly work towards boosting your company’s growth, brand image and building a long term relationship with you.
    To cater above services, we deliver solutions in:

    • Wireless Application Development
    • Android Application Development
    • Windows Mobile Development
    • Symbian Application Development
    • IPad Application Development
    • Blackberry/RIM/IPhone Application Development

    Harnessing the power that our experience brings we understand that building a productive mobile environment requires a skill base of both mainstream application development as well as the more unique handheld device application development. We assure these skills and leads towards the new mobile environment.
    Our Analysts continuously develop new strategies and advanced approaches. By understanding the uniqueness of your business, we follow the well tested approach, which will suit your requirements.
    Advanced platforms such as Blackberry and iPhone enable the creation of secure enterprise and high performance applications. Android platform allows creation of the apps using the best 3D graphics and utilities. We also build custom, energetic applications at really affordable prices.
    Our best practices includes Cross-platform business application development, Gaming and Multimedia app development, Location-Based Services (LBS), Presence & Social Networking, Mobile Advertisement & Ad Engines, Porting mobile applications between platforms and devices, Data Sync solutions, Backup and Restore applications in mobile, Mobile VoIP, SMS gateways and SMS portals, and many more.
    We deliver innovative wireless application development at low cost to boost your productivity and generate greater revenues.

  • Web Development

    We understand the requirement of our clients & assist them with the exceptional services to create a brand on the web & gain high visibility over their competitors, by providing quality site development services.
    We specialize in delivering quality web development in the effective and timely manner. Our creative and innovative developers present your complex ideas in a simple way to the users. We provide you a cost-effective web development service and consultation. Our developers are experts in creating flawless websites and convey a positive reflection of the client in the global market. By using effective web development techniques, we develop stable websites with any level of complexity. Your search ends here for a flawless web presence, because:

    • Complete Strategy Implementation into Web Development
    • Pool of Talented, Skilled, & Valuable Resources
    • Clear & Innovative Thinking
    • Better Resources to deliver the Latest Technology
    • Search Engine Optimization - Friendly Architecture
    • Integrated & Optimized Solutions & Services
    • One-Stop Solution to Satisfy all your Web Needs
    • Impeccable Web Applications as per your Need
    • Cast-effective solutions

    We endow our clients with quality development of open source CMS websites and other development technologies. We have been providing consistent open source solutions to our clients & have a passion to endeavor for excellence and complete dedication in all our open source offerings.

    We follow W3C Standards, which lays the high quality standards for the web technologies. We effectively integrate the dissimilar s/w & h/w to enjoy similar web features making it accessible to everyone & deliver a compatible websites by following an enthusiastic & dynamic work practice, hence generating SEO friendly Web sites.

    We extend our web development services with skilled resources that cater to all industries through advance web development support. It covers PHP Application Development, CMS Development, Web Application Development, Java Development, .Net Application Development, Web Portal Development & Open Source Development. Hence we provide the opportunity to our customers to take the design and development to the next level and to improve the overall worth of their company, organizational practice & ultimate results.

    Our professionals are well versed with the latest technologies

  • Software Development

    While adopting a software development model, cost reduction is not the only parameter to be considered, it should also establish a framework to drive continuous improvement. BusyAge expertise in building or enhancing products/applications using open source provides significant advantages to customer such as those mentioned below:

    Continuous Innovation

    On one hand BusyAge’s team focuses on handling a large part of the software development activities, on the other hand, the client’s team can focus on further innovation & updates that will ensure the unique differentiation of the product from a performance/deployment perspective. Our teams’ experience in cutting edge technologies will ensure enhanced innovation in application development.

    Minimizing the Cost

    We ensure that a large part of the engineering work is executed offshore and using open source components, BusyAge offers unmatched cost savings. BusyAge’s ability to deliver commitments on time, quality and cost ensures minimized total cost.

    Reduced Deployment Time

    We have the ability to exceed the expectations of client through our capacity, skills and innovation, coupled with open source expertise, ensures reduced time for new products’ deployment.

    Prolong Application Support

    Prolong product support ensures that client team doesn’t have to bother about the products maintenance & functioning, and continue to focus on business requirements, since we align applications to customer requirements.

    Our software development services include

    Application Development

    BusyAge Software Development Services creates new, custom applications, providing full lifecycle support throughout delivery. Your company receives the benefit of successful, high-quality applications at low cost of ownership. A six-phased approach, as defined by our experts is used here: Application Requirements, Analyze Application characteristics, Architect and Design Application, Develop Application, Stress Test Application and Deploy.

    Product Engineering

    Market leadership today depends on innovation and getting your products to market faster than your competitors. Delivering superior quality and increasing productivity are also imperative to stay on top of your game. In such a scenario, BusyAge can become an important partner in your product development process, who understands your needs and has the technology and domain skills required and can ensure quality product development on time. BusyAge offers concept-to-market R&D and engineering services for product companies across verticals that give you significant cost and quality benefits.
    The services include

    • Product conceptualization
    • Architecture & Design
    • Development
    • Testing & Automation
    • Documentation and Help Writing
    • Product Support Services.

    BusyAge also has expertise in building or enhancing products using open sources. This can enable various advantages such as:

    • Faster time to develop and market
    • Start development with 50%+ code re-use from open source
    • Tested code
    • Make effective use of open source forum and peoples
    • Significant cost saving, offshore costs, reduced time for development with open source

    Application Maintenance

    All organizations need application support. Systems and databases require regular maintenance, functional requirements change frequently, and shifting business models drive the need for change. Our Application Management and Maintenance Services offer the means to help you reduce your IT costs. Our services include:

    Application Support

    Our Application Support services focus on the two areas of break-fix support and application enhancements. This includes production and functional support for both custom applications and package implementations. Examples include reporting requirements, second-level support, patches, upgrades, security, and functional enhancements.

    Validation and Verification

    More than just testing, Validation and Verification encompasses many components of quality assurance for our clients. This includes usability, requirements validation, simulation analysis, performance, and regression. These services are not only designed to increase the predictability, performance, and quality of systems, they are also designed to support our clients' regulatory compliance goals.

    Performance Management

    Systems performance management is a critical component to the lifecycle of any application. System reliability, integrity, and availability must be continuously measured and preserved. Our Performance Management services include service-level-based monitoring, performance tuning, and optimization for Web, application, and database server environments.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    The large corporations with huge network often require a manageable and effective solution in order to improve the enterprise efficiency.
    We offer vast enterprise solutions to the organizations of various sizes.

    CRM Solutions

    Customer Relationship Management is the business model developed for managing the company relations with the customer. It helps the organization generate huge revenues by providing customer interaction and exceptional customer services. CRM software helps the enterprise companies to administer their businesses competently. Different industry verticals like pharmacy, construction companies, airlines, schools, colleges, hospitals and banks employ the CRM. We at BusyAge provide the finest CRM solution Sugar CRM and Vtiger. These CRMS add value to the end user by providing vast enterprise features.
    The use of CRM has proved beneficial to the growth and success of various businesses. It has brought up a rapid method of doing online business.

    ERP Solutions

    Enterprise resource planning is a management model which allows the integration of the business process across the organization. It includes the processes like finance, accounting, marketing, sales & service etc. The integration is done after a comprehensive study of the organization’s needs. It enhances the flow of information within the enterprise. Further, it enhances the workflow of a business and reduces the operating cost. An organization with the complex system uses ERP to simplify its working. We provide our clients with the appropriate ERP system as per their needs i.e. “Open bravo”- a finest web based ERP.

    Database Management

    Database Management is a crucial task to be performed in reliable manner. It helps you manage the storage and retrieval of data in the databases. We provide our clients with the support services for complete database solutions. Our team offers database management services to our clients in extremely accomplished and adept manner. We are proficient of managing servers casing an assortment of configurations and diverse environments. We help you pool the data successfully and securely. With the hands on experience of the developers we provide services to manage databases on following platforms: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgres With our efficiency, we make certain that the database management is done effectively by processing large amount of information rapidly as per your requirements.

  • Database Administration Services

    Database Monitoring

    Database alerts to assure safety & continuity round the clock.

    Database Support

    Experts will continuously work with advance satisfied needs to provide efficient support 24*7.

    Database Tuning

    Our expertise will provide assured solutions that can help to keep optimized.

    Disaster Recovery/Backup

    A deep study deliver’s best planning, implementation and execution for business continuity. Backups online/offline provides to ensure lowest downtime recovery in any worst situation.

    Database Training

    Our experts will help you to become best professionals by effective methods of training.

    Database Consulting

    We can provide experts advice in Database Solutions with the experience and knowledge to bring any project to completion, applying best practices. 

    • Troubleshooting
    • Specialist Skills
    • Responding to emergency situations with fixing the problem
    • Proper decision making for planning at proper time

    Database Development solution

    We can provide solution for the problem where you can lock in like Billing System, User Management, Scalable architecture etc. We provide the key for that lock

"We provide a highly evolved and mature understanding of Business Consultation, with a platform oriented approach aimed at empowering businesses with agile decision-making solutions & support system, converting us into one of the ‘most trusted support system provider or business partner’ to innovate, plan, develop, implement & support your Business Intelligence, business strategy implementation, business expansion and ultimately helps you to achieve your business goal. "

Our Major Services