• Functional Services

    BusyAge is an adviser committed to delivering integration, innovations, implementation, and real business results through a people-centered approach to technology as well as innovation. BusyAge helps you improve your company’s performance by sharing resources, expertise, efforts, and delivering value. We believe in working hand in hand with our clients to answer and to solve their business needs. Best suited solutions are provided to achieve targets. This is supported by our dedicated experts engaged in consulting, technology integration and service expertise to the client. We believe in resource sharing with clients to help them implement the exact need of their business to grow, expand, and achieve all the possible benchmarks in comparatively shorter period. We deal in various functional areas like strategy, planning, operations, organizing, marketing, business technology and resource management & control.

  • Business Planning Assistance

    We are committed to providing you with our best resources, experts, consultants, & values to serve the professional business planning excellence. In other words, we dedicate ourselves to deliver best of the best assistance to offer satisfaction by achieving the ultimate results for you. Our clients work directly with a team who are not only experts in their field, but they are most innovative, dedicated, determine and reliable, who have proved themselves in countless parameters. We handled the startup venture and their various needs related to numerous processes; you will ultimately save time and money – and improve your chances of success – by hiring us as business planning consultant or entrepreneurs’ solutions provider for a broad range of services.

  • Operations Management

    BusyAge uniquely provides operations expertise to its clients. Our area of operations management is concerned with overseeing, designing, and controlling the process of production of goods and/or services through product and process development, sourcing, distribution, supply chain strategy and "back office" operations. It involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations involve optimum utilization of resources, and effective in terms of meeting clients’ requirements. Under operations management, we manage and direct the physical and/or technical functions of a firm or organization, particularly those relating to development, production and manufacturing. Operating management programs typically includes instruction in principles of general management, manufacturing, production control, industrial labor relations and skilled trade supervision, strategic manufacturing policy, system analysis, productivity analysis and cost control, and materials planning. Management including operations management is like engineering in that it blends art with applied science. People skills, creativity, rational analysis, and knowledge of technology are all required for success. & through operations management we ensures that our clients get the best of the best results through our consultation and assistance.

  • Service Overview

    Application Management

    Application Management Enhancing the performance of application development (AD) management creates business value. We work with our clients to improve AD capabilities (e.g., outsourcing, business unit IT interface, fine-tuning an AD organization, performance management, and redesigning the application development process from specification to deployment). We also focus on requirements management, performance assessments, and capability maturity models (CMM), capability building, and lean redesign of the AD process.

    Enterprise Architecture

    We help our clients address the traditional architectural challenges (e.g., inconsistent data) as well as emerging issues (e.g., service-oriented architecture or server virtualization).

"We provide a highly evolved and mature understanding of Business Consultation, with a platform oriented approach aimed at empowering businesses with agile decision-making solutions & support system, converting us into one of the ‘most trusted support system provider or business partner’ to innovate, plan, develop, implement & support your Business Intelligence, business strategy implementation, business expansion and ultimately helps you to achieve your business goal. "

Our Major Services