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      Since the Dot Com Boom, the need for the optimization solution to get your website on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) has been growing with every passing day. Every website is striving to get more & more web traffic for them in order to promote their brands. Besides creating search engine friendly site, we offer our clients with the reliable SEO (Search engine Optimization) services to recommend their website for a higher rank in the online market. Our SEO professionals formulate all the web guidelines to generate outcome and get the site on the top search results of popular search engines like ‘Google’, ‘’, ‘Yahoo’, ‘Bing’. We build strategies after completely understanding the business objectives and believe in delivering quality work. The segment of Internet Marketing Solutions provided by BusyAge includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO has become an indispensable part of online marketing. Effective use of this tool can give wings to your online business while not using it rightly can play havoc with it. Although having a company website with relevant content and great look is very important but it is not everything. Page ranking in popular search engines has become an extremely important part of promoting your website and drawing targeted traffic to it. For this reason, you need to equip yourself with the SEO tips so that you can direct traffic to your site and boost your business.

    Here are few extremely important tips which can help you to make the most of SEO:

    1. Firstly, one of the most important tips for search engine optimization is to get inbound links. This is for the reason that the more inbound links you will have from other popular site to your website, the easier it will become for you to get better ranking from search engines. For this reason, you must strive to get as many of these as possible. It gives credibility to your site and helps you to improve your ranking on the search engines.

    2. Social bookmarking is another very important aspect of SEO. It makes it easier for visitors to bookmark your pages. Not only this, it also allows you to submit your website to the social bookmarking sites and in turn you get extra benefit.

    3. Furthermore, article Directory Submissions must also be made use of for effective SEO. It is also helps you to build back links and is considered as one of the best tools for internet marketing. By submitting articles in these directories you can reach out of wider audience which can be directed to your site once they read your article.

    4. Other than these, website directory submissions are also very useful for link building. As there are countless website directories, making your presence ensure your online presence in the best possible way. All you have to do is to pay a small amount while there are many free sites as well.

    5. Site maps are also important part of SEO. In simple words it basically allows you to inform the search engines about various pages on your website. As a result, it helps search engines to rank your page in the best and most effective way.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    The first aim of any business is to be known between their target audiences. This is no different for online businesses that strive to shine out among billions of sites. Online businesses aim to market their site in several different manners to gain them more customers and business. One such marketing technique is social media marketing.

         Social media marketing is a term that defines marketing that is done via social networks, such as online communities, networks, blogs and many other marketing tools to raise awareness among their potential clients. These sites are used to publicize, make sales, create connections between the business and target market, and to handle customer service. Some common tools used to perform social media marketing are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, BOSSIMS and YouTube.

         The three main aspects of social media marketing are firstly, it creates a buzz and attracts readers with catchy and impressive messages. This buzz spreads through the Internet through contact between users who in turn pass it on to their own contacts. Within moments, these messages spread like wild fire.

         Another aspect is that it gathers all fans of a brand or company together and allows them to interact with one another, create an identity and communicate their interest for this brand or set of products. It is also based on online conversations that cater around the business, and brings together current and potential customers. Their loyalty would also in turn promote one’s brand and raise awareness among other possible clients. Through either simple networking, or marketing, these social media outlets help websites gain an online presence rapidly. They allow one to reach their target audience regardless of which part of the world they reside in.

  • Email Marketing

    Utilizing the email system for sending commercial marketing messages to a group of people is defines as Email marketing. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually builds loyalty, trust, or brand awareness by reaching out to existing & prospective customers or clients.

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