A contributor is an Investor, Innovator or an Implementer, an Investor which provides monetary support, an Innovator who gives an idea, an Implementer who implements the said idea. Ultimately these are the key people who contribute to the continuous growth of the organization and are vital for its prosperity, and hence are termed as Contributors. Contributors are the people who see organization's business goal as their own. Contributors are the people, who contribute to achieve company's common goal.

We believe that people are the greatest source of sustainable advantage in any institutional endeavor.

     BusyAge's organization structure is a system created for contributors. We the company distribute the part of result or ownership of the organization within these contributors using various distribution methodologies like Ultimate Goal Sharing/ Dynamic return Structure/ SPTA Reservations/ Business Income/ Associate Income/ Active Income/ Commissions/ Rewards & Royalties/Direct Industrial Share's Sale & Purchase; We believe that these distributions support to a large number of contributors for being wealthy, happy and satisfied from their offered efforts. Our methodologies also help every individual to improve dedication, determination, expertise, as well as numerous personal qualities and professional skills. These in turn support to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization. We have various vital contributors, who participate in company's growth and achieving benefits accordingly. We are running 5 major projects, which are nothing but 5 different companies of five different domains (IT & software, Engineering, management & Marketing, and Banking & Finance excluding a company to have centralized control in integration as well as value managing).

Contributors are divided in 9 different groups. Those are

  1. Principal Core Vital Contributors
  2. Core Vital Contributors
  3. Regular Vital Contributors
  4. Principle Associate Vital Contributors
  5. Associate Vital Contributors
  6. Associate Contributors
  7. Principle Vital Contributors
  8. Other Dedicated Contributors/Trainees under EDP
  9. Privileged Users/ Other Beneficiaries

"We provide a highly evolved and mature understanding of Business Consultation, with a platform oriented approach aimed at empowering businesses with agile decision-making solutions & support system, converting us into one of the ‘most trusted support system provider or business partner’ to innovate, plan, develop, implement & support your Business Intelligence, business strategy implementation, business expansion and ultimately helps you to achieve your business goal. "

Our Major Contributors